At our laboratory, we are committed to researching information security and privacy with the goal of safeguarding the diverse systems that underpin our daily lives from malicious attacks. Our research spans a wide array of subjects, encompassing desktop PCs, servers, mobile devices such as smartphones and smartwatches, network-connected embedded devices like IoT gadgets, the operating systems and software that power these devices, as well as wireless networks and the Internet, which are crucial for connecting standalone devices to the net. In recent years, we have also been actively investigating security issues related to artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous driving systems. Additionally, we place a strong emphasis on studying the human element, which should be at the heart of networked systems. In doing so, we address a broad spectrum of research topics, from lower to upper layers, with a focus on security and privacy.

Security and privacy research is inherently interdisciplinary, merging various fields of study. Another fundamental aspect of security research is the necessity to approach one’s research from the attacker’s perspective.

Our research topics encompass, but are not limited to: AI security, autonomous driving security, mobile security, IoT security, VR/AR security, Web3 security, malware analysis, exploit code analysis, web security and privacy, side-channel attacks, social engineering, usable security, user-friendly and secure password analysis, and security and privacy technologies for individuals with disabilities.