WUHU Workshop 2018


This annual Workshop has been held since 2008 to encourage collaborations between Hanyang University and Waseda University. From 2017, UMS and UKM have joined to this circle. By taking the first letters of the participating universities, we call the workshop as “WUHU workshop”. One of the key objectives of the WUHU workshop is to give students an opportunity to present their achievements in English and to discuss their research topics with other people. Additionally, the faculty members can exchange academic information and foster international joint projects during the workshop.


This year, we have the joint international symposium on ICT in conjunction with the WUHU workshop.

  • Welcome party: November 25 (Fri) 2016. 18:00-20:00 (only for faculty members)
  • Workshop: November 26 (Sat) 2016. 10:00-17:00
  • Mini soccer game: November 26 (Sat) 2016. 12:30–13:15 (for interested people)
  • Reception: November 26 (Sat) 2016. 18:00-20:00


Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, Nishi-Waseda campus
55th Building (North tower) Download the floor/campus map

  • Room A: 55th Bldg 1F N-1-03 (第一会議室)
  • Room B: 55th Bldg 1F N-1-01 (第二会議室)
  • Room C: 55th Bldg 1F N-1-02A (大会議室A)

Workshop program

Plenary session @Room B


Opening remarks

9:05-9:50 Tutorial talk
Dr. Young-In Song (Wider Planet/Waseda)
Introduction to Computational Advertising
9:50-10:10 Coffee break

Session 1


Session 1A
Room A
Chair: Prof. H. Nakazato

Session 1B 

Room B
Chair: Prof. J. Katto

Session 1C 
Data mining / machine learning
Room C
Chair: Prof. T. Mori

10:10-10:40 Li Xisha (HYU)
Two phase Topology Discovery Protocol for Orchestration of Multi-domain SDN Networks
Seita Maruyama (Waseda)
Trojan of Things: Understanding the threats of malicious NFC tags embedded in the things
Ying Fu (Waseda)
On Classification of Video Viewer’s Emotion using Multi-modal Bio-signals
10:40-11:10 Kena Alexander (HYU)
Declarative Policy Support for Cloud Application Orchestration
Jiwon Lee (HYU) 
Combinatorial Subset Difference Public Key Broadcast Encryption Scheme
Myung-Hwan Jang (HYU)
Data Locality in Graph Engines: Implications and Preliminary Experimental Results 
11:10-11:40 Rungrot Sukjaimuk (Waseda)
ICN Sensor Network and Internet of Things
Haruka Hoshino (Waseda)
Empirical study of the RF retro-reflector attack
San Hliang Myint (Waseda)
RSSI Based Fingerprinting Localization  
11:40-12:10 Abdul Milad Siddique (Waseda)
LCD-based Probabilistic Caching for Information Centric networking
Junghyuk Lee (HYU)
Secure Outsourced Forward Secure Signature Scheme
Yupu DONG (Waseda)
UE RF Condition Estimation BY Machine Learning 

Lunch + Mini Soccer Game!
Japanese-style bento will be provided to all the participants.

  • Room A: Faculty members (including research associates) + Dr. Young-In Song
  • Room B: Students

Interested students can join the mini soccer game at Toyama park, which is 5 mins walk from the venue.
The game will be held immediately after having a lunch till 13:15. Don’t forget to bring your shoes! For those who are not familiar with soccer, you can play throwing frisbee (flying disc) with us.

Game result: Hanyang 5 – 0 Waseda

Session 2

  Session 2A
Computer Vision

Room A
Chair: Prof. T. Mori
Session 2B
Wireless Networks

Room B
Chair: Prof. YU Keping

Session 2C
Room C
Chair: Prof. K. Kanai

13:30-14:00 Dang Hoang Anh (Waseda)
Image and HTML Cross-modal Network
Su Yuwei (Waseda)
The Improvement Methods for Free Space Optical (FSO) System
Xin Qi (Waseda)
Content Oriented Surveillance Network Based on ICN 
14:00-14:30 Hyunjeong Kim (HYU)
Head-mounted display radial arm maze for spatial working/reference memory
Kang KANG (Waseda)
A Game theory Based Power Control Algorithm for Future MTC NOMA Networks
Sho Mizuno (Waseda)
Detecting malware-infected hosts based on the variability of HTTP header fields 
14:30-15:00 Nozaki Daichi, Mochida Toru, and Okamoto Koki (Waseda)
Image Recognition based on Deep-Learning
Di Zhang (Waseda)
Outage Probability Analysis of NOMA within Massive MIMO Systems
Muhammad Hanif (HYU)
An Efficient Key Partitioning Scheme for Heterogeneous MapReduce Clusters
15:00-15:30 HyunSeon Jeong (HYU)
Vehicle Ego-motion Estimation using Optical Flow and Fundamental Matrix Evaluation 
  LI Haipeng (Waseda)
Next Request Probability Based Cache Replacement Policy for Streaming Delivery over ICN 
15:30-15:50 Coffee break

Session 3

  Session 3A: 
HCI / media

Room A
Chair: Prof. W. Kameyama
Session 3B 
Applied Wireless Networks

Room B
Chair: Prof. T. Sato
Session 3C
Human / Robots
Room C
Chair: Prof. M. Takeuchi
15:50-16:20 Airi Sakaushi (Waseda)
Consideration of Guitar Playing Support System with a Combination of Camera and Sensor
Say SOTHEARA (Waseda)
Cooperative MAC with Frame Selection Scheme in UAV-based Wireless Sensor Networks
Ryohei Hashimoto
A Consideration on Using Nasal Skin Temperature for Video Viewer’s Emotion Estimation 
16:20-16:50 Ryuichiro YASUDA (Waseda)
Audio Chord Recognition with Stacked Autoencoder
Kang, SungCheol (HYU)
Implementation of MQTT based OpenADR protocol for smart Home   
KeonChang Lee (HYU)
Narrow Path and Obstacle Detection using Stereo Vision  
16:50-17:20 Park, Jonghyeon (HYU)
Effects of virtual reality exposure using smart phone 
  Saki Takahashi (Waseda)
 A Study on Accuracy Improvement for Human Detection with a Combination of Visible Light Image and Infrared Thermal Image 


18:00-20:00 Reception (懇親会)
We will have a casual party at Ageya (鮮魚居酒屋 あげ屋
Note: It is located at Waseda Exit (Not Toyama Exit)