Talk by Prof. Mohammad Mannan

We have the following research talk by Prof. M. Mannan

Date: 2018/3/20 15:00-16:00
Location: 55N-05-03A

Title: Password-based authentication: from measurements to solutions

Passwords are still the most common way for user authentication. I have been involved in several projects related to passwords in the last few years. I will discuss the following: (1) Password meter analysis – checking the reliability of strength meters in popular web services and password managers. (2) SafeKeeper: providing password confidentiality against password database breaches, compromised servers, rogue administrators, and phishing attacks. (3) Gracewipe: passwords for coercion-resistant authentication. (4) UVAuth (User-Verified Authentication): protecting passwords against online guessing attacks from large botnets.

Details of these papers are available at: