Presented three invited talks at APAN42

We presented the following three invited talks at the network security workshop of the 42nd APAN meeting. All these talks make use of machine learning techniques to solve the network security problems.
BTW, we survived the Typhoon Nida, which hit us at the venue. Look at the power of pink!


  • Bo Sun, Mitsuaki Akiyama, Takeshi Yagi, Mitsuhiro Hatada, and Tatsuya Mori, “Automatic Generation of URL Blacklist
  • Mitsuhiro Hatada and Tatsuya Mori, “Analytics of Malware Traffic: Clustering and its Evaluation
  • Sho Mizuno, Mitsuhiro Hatada, Tatsuya Mori, and Shigeki Goto, “Detecting malware-infected hosts using HTTP fingerprints