Two Network Security Papers Got Accepted

Our papers on network security got accepted as a journal article (JCSM) and a conference paper (PAM 2021). These research projects are the joint work with the NTT Secure Platform Labs. Congratulations, Sakurai-kun and Kawaoka-kun!

Yuji Sakurai, Takuya Watanabe, Tetsuya Okuda, Mitsuaki Akiyama, Tatsuya Mori, “Identifying the Phishing Websites Using the Patterns of TLS Certificates,Journal of Cyber Security and Mobility (accepted for publication)

Ryo Kawaoka, Daiki Chiba, Takuya Watanabe, Mitsuaki Akiyama, Tatsuya Mori, “A First Look at COVID-19 Domain Names: Origin and Implications, ” Proceedings of the Passive and Active Measurement Conference 2021 (PAM 2021) (accepted for publication)