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Accepted to IEICE Transactions

Our paper on URL blacklisting, submitted to the IEICE Transactions was accepted for publication. Congrats, Sun-san!

B. Sun, M. Akiyama, T. Yagi, M. Hatada, and T. Mori, “Automating URL Blacklist Generation with Similarity Search Approach,” IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, Vol.E99-D, No.4, pp. xx-xx, April 2016 (in press).

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Presented four posters at RAID 2015

We presented four posters at RAID 2015 held in Kyoto. We got useful feedback from many researchers. Here are the list of our posters:

  • Y. Haga, Y. Takata, M. Akiyama, T. Mori, and S. Goto, “Canvas Fingerprinting in the Wild: A Large-scale Measurement and Evaluation, ” (poster presentation), RAID 2015
  • Y. Ishii, T. Watanabe, M. Akiyama, and T. Mori, “Understanding the Origins of Similar Android Apps,” (poster presentation), RAID 2015.
  • B. Sun, T. Watanabe, M. Akiyama, and T. Mori, “Seeing is Believing? The analysis of unusual ratings and reviews on Android app store,” (poster presentation), RAID 2015.
  • T. Harada, T. Mori, and S. Goto, “Detecting Malicious Wireless APs: Methodology and Field Studies,” (poster presentation), RAID 2015.


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