Best Paper Award at WTC 2014

Kamiyama-san’s paper, which Mori coauthored, won the best paper award at World Telecommunication Congress 2014 held in Berlin, Germany. Congrats Kamiyama-san!

N. Kamiyama, R. Kawahara, and T. Mori,
“Loss Recovery Method for Content Pre-distribution in VoD Service”.
Proc. World Telecommunications Congress (WTC 2014), pp.1-6, June 2014
[IEEE Xplore]

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Presented a poster on Android apps analysis work at ASIACCS 2014

A grad student, Watanabe-kun presented a poster on the analysis of Android apps at ASIACCS 2014 held in Kyoto. We were able to get a lot of useful feedback.

The poster is available here

M1 の渡邉君が京都で開催されている ASIACCS 2014 でAndroid アプリ解析に関するポスター発表を行いました.多くの有用なフィードバックを得ることが出来ました.