Presented a talk at SOUPS 2015

Watanabe-kun gave a talk at SOUPS 2015 held in Ottawa. He was the first Japanese researcher who presented a talk at SOUPS main conference. We enjoyed the talks given at the conference. The paper and slides are available at the USENIX site.

T. Watanabe, M. Akiyama, T. Sakai, H. Washizaki, and T. Mori, “Understanding the Inconsistencies between Text Descriptions and the Use of Privacy-sensitive Resources of Mobile Apps,” Proceedings of Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS 2015), pp. 241–255, July 2015, Ottawa, Canada. (acceptance rate = 23.7% = 22/93) [PDF][bibtex]


The ACODE dataset has been released!


We are delighted to announce that we share the ACODE dataset with the research community. It consists of text descriptions of 200K Android apps. The apps and their descriptions were collected from official market place (Google Play) and third-party markets. The text descriptions are written in English and Chinese. In addition to the raw text descriptions, the dataset includes manually labeled text descriptions where a label indicates whether a text description refers to use of a particular permission or not. Furthermore, we also share key extracted results (keywords for classifying text descriptions) so that other researchers can reproduce our results. More details as well as the way to download the data are available from the ACODE project page. Please feel free to drop us an e-mail message if you want to try out. Enjoy!

@IT掲載 第10回危機管理コンテスト

森研究室と後藤研究室の混成チームである m1z0r3 の選抜メンバーが「第10回危機管理コンテスト」に参加した時の模様が@ITにて特集されました。



そして今回最も審査員を唸らせたのが、経済産業大臣賞を受賞し優勝したm1z0r3(早稲田大学)だ。同チームは、まず全問を解くという同コンテス ト開始以来、初めての偉業を達成。「こういう手の早いチームは暴走したり許可なしに設定変更したりしがちだが、それもなかった」(審査員)

二つ目は、競技終了後の30分で報告書をまとめ、提出しなければならないのだが、その報告書を図表付きで提出した点だ。「ルールにも違反事項に記 載されていなかったので、前の晩、サーバーやネットワーク構成などの事前資料をベースにテンプレートを準備した」と明かす報告書担当者は、競技中も報告書 作成に徹したという。

三つ目は、徹底した役割分担だ。メンバーの一人、笹生憲氏が電話対応と指示出しの総指揮を執り、二人は技術担当として手を動かし、残る一人は報告 書作成に専念する。特にマネジメントを一手に引き受けた笹生氏は、「細かいチェックを入れつつ、自分を抑えながらチームを統率していた姿が素晴らしかっ た」として、MVP賞を受賞した。




Presented a research talk at IEEE ISCC 2015

Sun-san gave a talk at IEEE ISCC 2015 held in Larnaca, Cyprus.

B. Sun, M. Akiyama, T. Yagi, M. Hatada, and T. Mori, “AutoBLG: Automatic URL Blacklist Generator Using Search Space Expansion and Filters,” Proceedings of the Twentieth IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communication (ISCC 2015), pp. 205–211, Jul. 2015. (acceptance rate = 40.2% = 137/341) [PDF][slide][bibtex][Xplore] (Note: paper PDF is the accepted version, not the final published version, see the IEEE web)


Accepted to IEEE GLOBECOM 2015

Two papers submitted to IEEE GLOBECOM 2015 have been accepted for publication. The latter one is a joint work with Dr. Shimoda and other researchers from NTT and Waseda university. Congrats Haga-kun and Shimoda-san!

Y. Haga, A. Saso, T. Mori, and S. Goto, “Increasing the Darkness of Darknet Traffic,” Proceedings of the IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM 2015), pp. xx-xx, December 2015, San Diego CA, US. (to appear)

A. Shimoda, K. Ishibashi, K. Sato, M. Tsujino, T. Inoue, M. Shimura, T. Takebe, K. Takahashi, T. Mori, and S. Goto, “Inferring Popularity of Domain Names with DNS Traffic: Exploiting Cache Timeout Heuristics,” Proceedings of the IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM 2015), pp. xx-xx, December 2015, San Diego CA, US. (to appear)