Suzuki-san presented a talk at EuroUSEC 2023

Suzuki-san presented a talk at EuroUSEC 2023, which is held in Copenhagen. We got excellent questions/comments from the audience. In this study, we introduce “PinchKey,” a novel VR authentication method leveraging the natural ‘pinch’ gesture. Here’s a snapshot:

Intuitive & User-Friendly: Replaces traditional methods like pattern locks or PINs, using the VR-familiar pinch gesture.

Technical Insight: Uses a supervised machine learning model to analyze the 3D trajectory of the pinch gesture for authentication.

Tested on Meta Quest 2: Our evaluation with 29 participants showed an impressive average AUC of 99.7% and a swift average authentication time of 1.65 seconds.

High Usability Score: Achieved a top-tier system usability scale (SUS) score of 86.25.

Real-World Ready: Demonstrated resilience against potential threats.

In essence, PinchKey offers a seamless, accurate, and rapid VR authentication experience. Watch out for its wider adoption in the VR realm!

  1. Mei Suzuki, Ryo Iijima, Kazuki Nomoto, Tetsushi Ohki), Tatsuya Mori, “PinchKey: A Natural and User-Friendly Approach to VR User Authentication,” Proceedings of the European Symposium on Usable Security (EuroUSEC), October 2023. [PDF]