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Featured on IEEE Spectrum

Our paper published by IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing is featured on the website of IEEE Spectrum. 

How to Silently Hack a Smart Speaker

A technique using ultrasound can deliver voice commands to systems such as Google Home and Amazon Echo without bystanders picking up on the cues

By Michelle Hampson

The paper is available from the link below:
R. Iijima, S. Minami, Y. Zhou, T. Takehisa, T. Takahashi, Y. Oikawa, and T. Mori, “Audio Hotspot Attack: An Attack on Voice Assistance Systems Using Directional Sound Beams and its Feasibility,” IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing PP(99):1-1 · November 2019 (online early access:


Photo-illustration: Waseda University/IEEE Spectrum
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日経新聞の記事「偽サイト対策、海外に学べ 五輪チケット販売で懸念 強制閉鎖やドメイン活用」に取材協力しました。




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Tap ‘n Ghost has been covered by several news websites

Tap ‘n Ghost project has been covered by the following tech news websites. The original work was presented at IEEE S&P2019.

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東京五輪公式サイト( )に類似したドメイン名の調査分析に関して、NHKの取材に協力しました。取材に基づくニュースが2019/5/30のニュース7、および首都圏ニュースで放送されました。以下では放送内では紹介しきれなかった具体的な調査方法と得られた結果の一部をご紹介したいと思います(さしあたってIT系技術者向けに書いています)。このような調査分析の趣旨は、フィッシング攻撃に対する注意喚起が主目的です。東京オリンピックにちなんだビジネスや関連事業を営む方々が類似ドメイン名を正当な目的で使うことは十分に考えられ、決してそれらの営みに問題があるといった主張ではありません。どうぞご了承ください。


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Twitter official blog: Protecting user identity against Silhouette

The official Twitter blog has published an article that describes the security threat, named Silhouette, and how they have addressed the issue on their service.

We have published a paper that describes the threat and possible countermeasures against it. We hope the blog article will let other social web developers be aware of the threat and take appropriate actions against it. The study was conducted by Mr. Takuya Watanabe who is now working at NTT while studying at Waseda University as a PhD student. The study is a joint work with the NTT Secure Platform Laboratories, NTT corporation.




The source of the image: Twitter official blog.