Best Paper Award (EuroUSEC 2021)

Our work presented at the 2021 European Symposium on Usable Security (EuroUSEC 2021) received the Best Paper Award. Congratulations Matsuura-kun!

T. Matsuura, A. Hasegawa, M. Akiyama, and T. Mori, “Careless Participants Are Essential For Our Phishing Study: Understanding the Impact of Screening Methods“, In Proceedings of the 2021 European Symposium on Usable Security (EuroUSEC 2021), October, 2021. (acceptance rate: 24%=15/62)





野本一輝,秋山満昭,衛藤将史,猪俣敦夫,森 達哉,Exposure Notification Frameworkがもたらすプライバシーリスクの評価と対策信学技報, vol. 120, no. 384, ICSS200-34, pp. 49-54, 20213 [概要]

Received a Teaching Award!

Prof. Mori received a teaching award from the university. His creation of high quality on-demand lecture videos and implementation of flipped classroom teaching using zoom were highly evaluated. His challenge for next year will be to implement a hybrid class of face-to-face and online classes at there will be several students who will not be able to attend the face-to-face classes due to the COVID-19 issues.

Received the distinguished paper award! (NDSS2020)

We proudly announce that our paper presented at NDSS2020 (which is one of the “Top 4” security conferences) got the distinguished paper award! Congratulations, Watanabe-kun, Shioji-san, and Akiyama-san! We believe that this is a steady first footprint for further growth of the Japanese security research community.