A paper got accepted!

We are pleaased to announce that our paper has been accepted for publication at the 21st Conference on Detection of Intrusions and Malware & Vulnerability Assessment (DIMVA 2024). Congratulations to Matsuo-kun and the team!

Kazuki Matsuo, Satoshi Tanda, Yuhei Kawakoya, Kuniyasu Suzaki, and Tatsuya Mori, “SmmPack: Obfuscation for SMM Modules,” Proceedings of DIMVA 2024 (accepted for publication)

In this paper, we address the urgent need to improve computer security for System Management Mode (SMM), the most privileged operating mode in x86 and x86-64 processors. Recognizing that SMM is frequently exploited by attackers to bypass critical security measures, we developed SmmPack. The key idea is to encrypt the SMM modules, making it much harder for hackers to access and analyze. Our extensive testing has shown that SmmPack not only effectively strengthens security, but also preserves computer performance. In addition, we have demonstrated the practicality of deploying and managing SmmPack, including during BIOS updates. This breakthrough represents a significant advancement in protecting the highly privileged SMM and securing computers against advanced cyber threats.

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Two short papers and two posters got accepted for VehicleSec 2024!

We are pleased to announce that the following two work-in-progress (WIP) papers and two poster submissions have been accepted for publication at the upcoming Symposium on Vehicle Security and Privacy (VehicleSec 2024). Congratulations to everyone involved!

R. Kobayashi, K. Nomoto, Y. Tanaka, G. Tsuruoka, T. Mori, “WIP: Shadow Hack: Adversarial Shadow Attack Against LiDAR Object Detection,” VehicleSec 2024 (to appear)

G. Tsuruoka, T. Sato, A. Chen, K. Nomoto, R. Kobayashi, Y. Tanaka, T. Mori, “WIP: Adversarial Retroreflective Patches: A Novel Stealthy Attack on Traffic Sign Recognition at Night,” VehicleSec 2024 (to appear)

Z. He, T. Mori, “Poster: Robustness of DRL-Based Autonomous Driving to Adversarial Inputs,” VehicleSec 2024 (to appear)

Y. Zhao, T. Mori, “Poster: Bypassing Physical Invariants-Based Defenses in Autonomous Vehicles,” VehicleSec 2024 (to appear)

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A paper got accepted! (Mal-IoT)

Our paper submitted to the 7th International Workshop on Malicious Software and Hardware in the Internet of Things-IoT 2022 (Mal-IoT 2022) has been accepted for publication. Congratulations, Iijima-kun!

Ryo Iijima, Tatsuya Takehisa and Tatsuya Mori, “Cyber-Physical Firewall: Monitoring and Controlling the Threats Caused by Malicious Analog Signals,” Proceedings of  the 19th ACM International Conference on Computing Frontiers (CF’22), pp. xx-xx, Turin, Piedmont, Italy, May 2022.

A paper got accepted (GLOBECOM 2021)

Our paper submitted to The 2021 IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM 2021) .

M. Yajima, D. Chiba, Y. Yoneya, and T. Mori, “Measuring Adoption of DNS Security Mechanisms with Cross-Sectional Approach,” IEEE Global Communications Conference: Communication & InformationSystems Security (Globecom 2021 CISS), Madrid, Spain December 2021. (to appear)

Sakurai-kun presented a talk at WTMC 2020

Sakurai-kun presented a talk at the 5th IEEE International Workshop on Traffic Measurements for Cybersecurity (WTMC2020), which is held online this year. 


Y. Sakurai, T. Watanabe, T. Okuda, M. Akiyama, and T. Mori, “Discovering HTTPSified Phishing Websites Using the TLS Certificates Footprints,” Proceedings of the 5th IEEE International Workshop on Traffic Measurements for Cybersecurity (WTMC2020), pp. 521-530, September 2020 [Video Talk][PDF]